Tips for Working On The Go

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Thanks to modern technology, we are now able to work while on the go.  As a social media manager, I try to be online even during breaks so I make sure I have the right gear.  Here are some must-have gear & some tips if you want to work on the go.

Staying connected – the key to a good connection while on the road is having a good smart phone that allows you to connect to the internet via bluetooth, wifi or direct connection to a USB port.  I prefer the last option because it also charges my iPhone.connected copy

Between Globe & Smart, Globe seems to offer better (faster & more coverage) data connection – Smart’s advantage is mainly for voice.   If both networks fail (which happens more often outside major cities) then a good alternative is any McDonald’s outlet which offers fairly good wifi for free.  Just remember not to be a squatter – buy at least coffee & fries.

Storage – I would have loved cloud storage if the local infrastructure were efficient but we all know it’s not so make sure you bring along an external drive to access your files or to back up your precious photos.thumbdrive, external storage

Power on the go – smart phones are power thirsty so always have a plug-in car charger that has a USB power output with at least 2 Amp rating for faster charging.  If you’re taking public transportation, then your option is a portable powerbank.power

For other gear that can’t be charged from a plug-in adaptor, a car inverter is your best bet.  An inverter converts the 12V power from your car’s lighter to 120-220V for charging small gadgets such as netbooks or laptops.

Protecting your gear & security – while it’s nice to be working on the beach or in some remote place, make sure that all gear are protected from the elements such as rain, water splashes, sand or dirt.  Also, avoid accessing your e-mail and online banking accounts in internet cafes.protect

Feel free to share your gear & gadgets that let you work while on the road!

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