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I love traveling – specially roughing it out, it gives me a break from the fast-paced life.   But being away does’t mean giving up the technology that makes life easier.  In fact for me, the technology enhances my travel experience.  Here are my 8 must-have travel gadgets whenever I’m away which could also be your gift ideas to someone who is a travel addict:

1. Nikon D700 with the all-around 28-300mm

I never leave home without this – in fact there was one time I drove back over 100km when I realized I left it behind.  The D700 is a very rugged camera – it has weather-proof magnesium alloy body while the 28-300mm lens is very sharp, fast to focus and saves me from carrying so many lenses.Nikon D700

2. SLK Carbon-fibre tripod with Gitzo Ballhead

A lightweight tripod complemented with a quick-mounting ballhead.  A must for low-light & slow-shutter photography.. and of course a few selfies.Gitzo Ballhead with SLK Carbon Fibre

3. MacBook Pro

Yes, it’s with me in almost all my adventures.  I bring it along because it lets me back-up  & review all my photos and it keeps me connected to my clients.Macbook Pro with Retina Display

4. External Hard Drives

My rule of thumb, always back up after a shoot & always in two, in case one breaks or gets lost.  I use drives w/ USB 3.0 connection for fast transfers.  Since the D700 uses CF cards, I also bring along a card reader.External Storage

5. iPhones

Mainly for my favorite travel apps & to stay connected to my clients (plus a few selfies).  The iPhone 5S takes amazing photos & I love the slo-mo feature.  I own a pair for both networks.iPhone 4S with Waze

6. Nikon AW100

My ever dependable point & shoot that can go up to 30 feet under water.   It has a built-in GPS that stores the coordinates of the photos & takes HD Videos.  Nikon AW100

7. Portable Powerbanks & Spare Batteries

Powerbanks keep my iPhones working in remote places where power outlets are unavailable.Portable Powerbanks

8. CD-R King Mobile Phone Tripod

This is the most affordable gift you can give to someone who does plenty of selfies.  P 120 at most CD-R King Outlets :)iPhone Tripod

What are your essential gadgets, anything you can’t leave behind?

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