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After posting My 8 Travel Gadgets I can’t live without, I thought about creating a list of travel apps on my iPhone which I use most often.

  1. Waze – a GPS navigation app that adds a social component to it.  Updates such as traffic & road conditions including map errors are provided by over a thousand local users.  You can also chat with other online users to ask what’s causing the traffic or simply send a “beep-beep”. (Free)Waze Navigation
  2. Google Maps – complements Waze when I don’t need traffic conditions. (Free)Google Maps
  3. MotionX GPS – another GPS navigation app that provides me terrain maps when hiking.  It does not need internet connection, simply download the map area you will need for the trip.  And unlike the 1st two apps, MotionX allows me to record my track & store waypoints. ($ 1.99)MotionX GPS
  4. Accuweather – a vey handy app that give you a fairly accurate weather forecast & current condition for a specific location.  ($ 2.99, Platinum)Accuweather App
  5. Procam – amazing camera app that gives you features & manual settings not found in iPhone’s camera app.  What’s more, it’s got a self-timer mode for more selfies! :) ($ 0.99)app-05
  6. Snapseed – a photo editing app that’s simple to use while on the road.  (Free)SnapSeed App
  7. DayOne – Imagine having tweeter or Facebook that’s private.  Whether on the road or at home, this is one of my most used apps.  It is a digital mircro-journal that let’s me to record my experience, it allows photo attachments and it automatically adds information such as GPS location & even the weather condition when the entry was made. ($ 4.99)Day One Diary
  8. Rove – also a digital journal that does everything for me.  No need to input entries, Rove tracks all my moves and even determines if I’m driving or walking.  It can add all the photos taken at a particular location or time.  Like Day One,  everything is for your eyes only unless you choose to share a post.Rove Journal
  9. Agoda –  the only app I use for booking hotels – offers competitive pricing & gives suggestions on nearby hotels while on the road (don’t trust the rating though).  (Free)Agoda Hotel Booking App
  10. Road Trip – an app every car owner should have.  It gives you important information about your car’s mileage, maintenance history, tracking expenses, fuel prices and a lot more.  ($ 4.99)Road Trip App

So what are your top travel apps?

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